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In the financial services industry, there are generally two ways to obtain financial advice:

  • From agents or brokers
  • From investment advisors

While many investors are not aware of the differences between these two types of professionals, one of the main distinctions is that investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their clients at all times.

Many financial professionals make a living conducting commission-based, transactional business with their clients. This has the potential to make them more likely to use products and companies that pay them more, regardless of what may be in the best interest of their clients.

We believe that information is power in today’s financial world. By providing a fee-based platform for our clients’ financial plans and assuming a fiduciary responsibility for them, we are able to ensure that the work we do is in their best interest.

When you hire us to plan for you, we don’t work for an insurance company or a particular money manager, we work for you. We think this is how business should be done in the financial world, and we are very proud of our commitment to always put our best foot forward.

We offer our prospective clients an initial complimentary consultation where we take the time to discuss your current situation. This helps you, and us, decide if working together would be to our benefit.

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